If you have any questions about the application process or finding a vacancy, why not take a look below otherwise feel free to speak with you recruitment partner or contact us directly by emailing recruitment@sknclinics.co.uk

I am not able to see a vacancy local to where I live but I would like to register my interest in working at sk:n.
We are always excited to hear from people that would like to express their interest in roles within the sk:n group. Please email recruitment@sknclinics.co.uk along with your areas of interest and location preferences and we will come back to you as soon as possible. We might not have a position right now that is suitable but we can keep you in mind for future positions.
I am a Doctor or Medical Injector looking to work with sk:n but not able to see a location near to me
We would love to hear from you. We might have something coming up that we could consider you for. Please reach out to us by emailing recruitment@sknclinics.co.uk and we can discuss your availability, location preferences and look at options for you.
Does the sk:n group pay for travel to interview?
Unfortunately this is not something we can offer at this time. If you have any further questions about travelling to an interview, we would advise that you speak directly with your point of contact within the recruitment department or email recruitment@sknclinics.co.uk
Who do I contact if I have questions about a vacancy before applying?
Please reach out to us by emailing recruitment@sknclinics.co.uk where a member of the recruitment team can arrange a suitable time to call you for an informal chat.
I have been invited to an interview and advised it is competency based. What is a competency based interview?
There’s nothing to worry about so please do not panic that we are going to ask you trick questions. A competency interview focuses on your skills and experience that is relevant to the role. We will tend to focus on your approach to different scenarios, tasks and challenges you may have faced previously but this will all be based on your work history.
What should I do when preparing for an interview?
We want to make sure that you are prepared for an interview so we would suggest that you take the time to learn a bit of information about the business, make sure you read through the job description and have your CV on hand as we will likely take a walk through you CV. It is also helpful to have some prepared questions about the business or role that you can discuss with the hiring manager.

A helpful method when answering questions during the interview would be the STAR method. The STAR method stands for Situation, Task, Action and Result. When answering a question, keep this in mind as it can help you structure an answer to ensure you provide a comprehensive answer.

What do I wear to an interview?
An interview is a formal process so we would always suggest business attire is the best approach when attending an interview, unless advised otherwise and the interview has practical elements within clinic or assessment.
How do I book an interview slot?
If you have passed the first stage of the recruitment process your recruitment partner will either book you into an interview slot there and then with you over the phone or send you an email with a number of slots that you can choose that best suits your availability. If you are invited to choose a time and date, you will receive an email and text notification with a link to available times, select the time and date and you will receive an instant confirmation into your inbox. If you are having any challenges with this, please reach out to your recruitment partner where they can assist you.
I am not able to attend the interview! What should I do?
Please reach out to your recruitment partner as early as possible to make them aware that you are not able to attend and we can look to rebook your interview at another time that is suitable. If you would like to withdraw your application, please do let us know so we can inform the hiring manager of your decision.